It is all about safe and strong communities where you can raise a family, get together with friends, have the freedom to express yourself and in turn be heard by those you elect.

I live in Ward 33, home to a proudly multicultural population, safe streets, friendly neighbours, and a community that truly cares. Everyday life should be simple and uncomplicated.

I want to ensure Ward 33 is part of the conversation when major decisions are made in terms of transit solutions, taxes, infrastructure, and funding. This community deserves to have a stronger say in the decision-making process on matters that affect our day-to-day lives. Adequate and timely community consultations should be a necessary requirement before approving large-scale city projects.

I want to hear back from you on matters that are important to you and to Ward 33 residents.

Together we can do Better!

Some issues facing Ward 33

TRANSIT: We deserve a subway in the Sheppard corridor – Recent studies by the City have shown that the top five congested intersections in Toronto are on Sheppard Avenue. Our Councilor voted for an LRT in the middle of Sheppard - A transit solution that removes two lanes increases gridlock and congestion.

Our community deserves the right solution, not the cheapest alternative. Let us build one subway stop at a time!

2014 tax increase for us in Ward 33 Don Valley EastTAXES: I understand you have to pay taxes to get the right infrastructure and services in order to benefit as a community. However, the amount of taxes we pay is more than enough. 2013 tax statistics report* that an average Canadian family spends more money on taxes than on food, clothing, and shelter.

After paying all these taxes, we are still faced with
inadequate recreational services for youth and families, congested roads, No power for 5 days during the ice storm, increase in densification, and long wait times at Hospitals!

On October 27, vote for the individual who has the
interests of our community in mind. Vote Divya Nayak.

Together we can do Better!

God Bless!

Divya Nayak

*Fraser report